Born in Oslo, her curiosity has taken her around the entire world, and eventually she ended up in Berlin. Although settled in this busy cultural city, her closeness with nature, the mountains, forest and the ocean is still a corner stone of her existence. Her love for Norway takes her back more often than not.

A key motivation in her life is the discovery of new things, soaking up everything that makes her happy. She acknowledges the importance of appreciation, appreciation for everything good in life that makes you feel something. This is probably a reason why she dives head first and with full force into new experiences, which that you can recognize when you see her interacting with music. Music is one of her biggest passions, and this has spread out to every aspect in her life.

Currently she is the co-owner of SNOE, actively engaged in artist management in a well-known agency, music journalist, producing music and touring as a DJ throughout the world. A workaholic with a butterfly image… Fluttering from place to place.

„Lydi“ comes form the Norwegian words „lyd i“, and means „sound in“ or „volume within“. The name reflects her attitude towards the music she plays. Her main concern is not necessarily genre, but rather what it makes her feel, and that feeling she wants to experience together with the dancers on the dance floor. Deep and bassy you find her sound somewhere between techno and tech-house. Her style reflects her personality and is always fresh, vivid and happy. Beth’s distinctive sound definitely makes her a „must hear“ in the clubs and festivals around the world. Every show is a new highlight for her, and although she has played prestigious venues and festivals in cities such as Oslo, Berlin, Amsterdam, Toronto, San Diego, Rio De Janeiro, Copenhagen, Sidney, Melbourne and more, she has never lost the humbleness and thankfulness for getting the opportunity to share her music with the world and to everyone who makes it possible.

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