New release! Funk On The Dancefloor!

SNOE turns 5 years in August, and we celebrate this with a spectacular release by our label boss herself, Beth Lydi. This two-tracker is nothing short of addictive, and the title “Funk On The Dancefloor” reflects all of our yearns to be able to return to club and festival floors soon.

The first track, which happens to be the title track, is a wild tune packed with energy. A one of a kind groove shakes and rolls while the vocal element creates the perfect frame for frantic and playful synths, the whole tune building up massive momentum that comes to a sweet and sweaty release in the drop. Pure Tech House at its finest with Beth’s signature style written all over it.

“Quirk” pulls back a notch, but carries on the punch with a heavy hitting bassline and groovy percussions. The synth, delicate yet fierce, leads you towards the ecstatic moment when you know the only thing you can do is let yourself go completely. A free fall into the realm of beats. It is quirky but intense, hence the name, with a lot of passion unfolding on the journey.

We are excited to give you our SNOE056, and hope this can funk up our dance floors all around the globe soon!