“Windy Pipes EP” on Desert Hearts

It was a fantastic surprise when Mikey wrote me about “Windy Pipes”. As I already had my track “Disappointed” on their last Family & Friends Compilation, I was very eager to send them new music for an EP. I must have sent at least 10 songs before we had the perfect match. “Windy Pipes” started as a fun experiment, I was trying out a synth from my Arturia Collection, and did some different melodies and effects, especially working toward a cool layering. The second track they signed for the EP, “Paper Shark” got its final touch from my boyfriend Andreas. We were listening to it one evening, and he was like “oh, maybe a vocal shout would be cool here”. And he agreed something he rarely does, to do a shout himself! What fun that was. Later on when arranging and using effects I tought it would be cool with a female counter, and recording another shout myself. And there we go, mine and Andreas’ vocals in perfect harmony to what I like to call a bouncy groove and funky synths. I especially love the whistle element, it just makes it a fun track to play and dance to.